Cheryl Corbin

Cheryl Corbin

I'm an independent experienced writer for small businesses and a copy editor for a community college and an online fashion magazine. I contribute a variety of content for, and other business websites, covering topics related to business, finance, taxes, health care, dental care and weddings. Recently hired as a writer with WriterAccess. I have a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Southern University.

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Expertise Writer | Editor | Copywriter | Copy Editor | Proofreader | Researcher

Skills Preserves integrity of editorial content | Excellent oral and written communication | Manage multiple projects and shifting deadlines | Ownership mentality with independent work ethic | Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Style Book | Courses: Breaking Into Copywriting, Essential Skills for Everyday Writers, Essential Skills for Proofreaders, Write for Magazines, J School Training and Ethics

Location New York